Working in Partnership


Zylacta has a successful track record of working in partnership with businesses and the wider academic community, which is the result of committing to a standard and attitude of uncompromising excellence adopted by Zylacta team. We aim to explore the possibilities for working collaboratively with other institutions and partners in the United States and abroad to jointly pursue research and development in the exciting field of naturally-derived small molecule therapeutics.

The team at Zylacta has significant expertise in discovering and developing candidate drugs and will undertake FTE collaborations to discover and develop microbial natural products chosen by the partner. We can use our refined NexGen sequencing and bioengineering capabilities to rationally optimise the properties of the chosen molecule, and then support preclinical development, including managing scaled manufacturing and CMC, to take the candidate drug into the clinical stage.

Zylacta offers a large range of microbial natural product drug discovery services, from analysis and isolation of the initial potential product, through genetic evaluation of the microbial strain and targeted bioengineering and eventual tech transfer to scale-up facilities for kilogram scale production of the candidate drug. We also have an extensive background in optimizing natural products to improve their drug-like properties and generate novel and inventive candidate drugs in a very crowded IP space.

We have many years of expertise inmicrobial natural product drug discovery and development, a broad range of both natural and engineered analogues in our compound library and a strong academic, industrial and CRO network.


If you are interested in discussing an opportunity with us, please use our contact page.