Semichemical process 

Semisynthetic Chemistry

The team at Zylacta has extensive experience in semisynthetic chemical derivatization of natural products, especially its use in drug discovery and development projects.


Semisynthetic chemistry can be used in parallel with biosynthetic engineering, with each playing a different role. The team at Zylacta often use both methods for generating diversity.


Semi-synthesis of natural products presents unique challenges.  Only low quantities of starting material may be available early in a programme.  This requires ability to work on sub-mg scale with sensitive and robust analytical procedures.  Natural products semisynthesis is not the same as total synthesis.  Typically the starting material will have preconfigured functional group arrays and reagent sensitivity.  This requires top-down rather than bottom-up synthesis (e.g. total synthesis) and must be complemented with first-class purification skills.

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Zylacta have extensive experience in both in-house and out-sourced semisynthesis.